Launcelot Primary School

Launcelot Road, Bromley, Kent, BR1 5EA

020 8697 2304

Governing Body

  Eyvonne Browne - Chair Of Governors

Eyvonne Browne : School Governor

I joined Launcelot as a co-opted governor in September 2016 and was elected as Chair of Governors in September 2017, for a one year term and re-elected in September 2018.

I am passionate about improving the life chances and outcomes of all children and young people in Lewisham through working in partnership with school staff & parents to support the drive to raise standards. I am community focussed resulting in over ten years’ volunteering experience in various ‘critical friend’ governor roles in Lewisham. I am also volunteer with Lewisham Youth Offending Service and following completion of the Mayor of Lewisham training course, I was successfully accredited as a Community Leader for Lewisham in 2015.

 I live and work in the borough which equips me with real-life knowledge, and an understanding of some of the challenges that children, young people, families and citizens face within the borough.  In my professional career, I have worked in the field of ‘education’ since 1998 and during this time I have held various roles that have required me to strive to improve outcomes for children and young people.  I bring a wealth of experience, confidence and understanding, to support the children and young people in Launcelot school to achieve their full potential, to develop resilience and become rounded citizens.  One of my key strengths are on asking thought-provoking questions that add value to improving the delivery of all services provided for children and young people.


Rebecca Scott - School Governor

I was co-opted as a governor at Launcelot in 2017. I work for the education charity Teach First, which has given me the opportunity to positively shape the lives of young people, and I am always looking for further opportunities to have impact in educating our young people and improving social mobility. Living locally in Hither Green, I have a vested interest in and want to have a positive impact on the local area and community.

I care about people, their personal development, and the attitudes, skills, processes and resources that underpin development. In my career I have always put the people first, focussing on building relationships and managing performance and development. In my current role, I am passionate about designing learning and development opportunities for both young people and teachers, and using links with business to best fulfil school need. I enjoy taking on challenging projects, identifying need, developing and implementing processes, and seeing real impact. I hope to put these skills to good use as part of the governing board and I also hope to learn loads about the young people, the school and the community.


 Victoria Shaskan - Parent Governor

I joined Launcelot as a parent in 2017 and became a parent governor in 2018. As a parent at the school, I am passionate about helping the school create a culture and learning environment in which children can flourish and where parents feel that they are partners in their children's learning. I am Executive Director of Lewisham Youth Theatre, a local youth arts charity, and have a strong belief in the importance of social, emotional and creative development for children. I also able to bring to the Board of Governors professional skills in financial management and strategic planning. I'm excited to be working with fellow governors, school leadership and the whole Launcelot community to drive forward the schools' vision to inspire a passion for learning for all students.


Edna Johnson - School Governor

I joined Launcelot Primary School as a Co-Opted Governor in March 2020. 

I have a keen interest in education and I have worked in the professional services of HE sector for the last 10 years.

Furthermore I have lived in the borough for the last 30 years and wish to make a positive contribution in the community.

I wish to help the governing body equip Launcelot Primary school and its pupils with tools to reach their full potential. 


John Annoh - School Governor

I joined Launcelot as a school governor in March 2021. I am both excited to be in a position to help the children at Launcelot school. 

I have over 20 years working within the private sector and look forward to bringing this breadth and depth of experience to the team and school. As a parent of two primary school aged children, my passion for improving the outcomes for children has led to me starting my own podcast, Lessons Outside the Classroom, where I have interviewed a variety of experts and professionals on key topics relating to children’s development. 

I am looking forward to collaborating with my fellow governors to produce positive outcomes.   


Jason McInnis - School Governor

I have been a local resident for the past 10 years and have family connections to the area.

I am a senior leader in a South London Secondary School and I am passionate to see young people develop and lay a solid foundation for their life.

I am really looking forward to being part of the Launcelot Primary School family and watching our young people and families grow.


Kaitlyn Mair - Parent Governor

I have two children at Launcelot and have been a parent here since 2018.  As a parent at the school, I am keen to help the school in it's journey of being open and diverse and am keen to help it grow it's presence in the local community.

I am Principal Engineer at Network Rail, where I lead a team of engineers and I'm very passionate about the promotion of STEM.

I am also a captain of a team at a local hockey club and want to help build links with local sports organisations.

I also bring to the Board of Governors professional skills such as leadership, strategic planning and finance.

I look forward to working with fellow governors, school leadership and the whole of Launcelot community to develop and deliver the schools' vision.


Debbie Mowle - School Governor

Deb Mowle : Co Opted Governor

Hello, I am Deb Mowle.  I am a co-opted governor, having been a TA at Launcelot Primary School since 2008. Before this I worked in market research and as a computer programmer.

My daughter spent 9 years at Launcelot, so I have experienced it both as a staff member and a parent. My daughter loved being here and left the school with the confidence and skills necessary to make her transition to secondary school easy. Her experience at the school was what prompted me to seek employment here and then volunteer as a staff governor.

I have lived in Downham since 2003 and have a strong loyalty to both the school and the local community. My passion for education is what makes me want to spend my time helping the governing body  move the school forward on its progression and I see a bright future for the children of Launcelot.

Tania Venables - Staff Governor


I have been a teacher for 25 years and at Launcelot for the past 5.  I have always taught in the Early Years, I believe that the first steps children take in their education are paramount for their later success and need to be as positive an experience as possible.  It is when children first start school that we can best engage them and their families in school life and set them on their way to becoming life long learners.  I feel that every child has the right to the best education possible and as a governor and teacher I will strive to support Launcelot in providing this for all its pupils.


Max Osbaldeston - Head Teacher

Max Osbaldeston : Head Teacher

I have been headteacher in Lewisham since 2007 and during this time have also supported another school as executive head. I joined Launcelot as headteacher in September 2015.

I am passionate about improving children's life chances through a quality education built on excellent and memorable experiences, supported through positive relationships which allow children to grow into confident and independent citizens.

 I love working in Lewisham and want all Lewisham children to achieve the very best. To this end, at Launcelot we are working on raising standards across the board by developing our strong staff team, building on the excellent relationships we have with children, families and the community and through sharing best practice with our local schools.

My role as a governor is to ensure that all governors have enough information about the school to support us in achieving our aims and, where necessary, to provide challenge. I ensure that governors receive full reports from myself and other school leaders around standards, finance, health and safety and so on. Governors also visit the school regularly to monitor the impact of our actions, for example through observing interventions, meeting with relevant staff or talking to children.


 LAUNCELOT SCHOOL                          Updated September 2023


Reconstituted                                                                           1 / 09 / 2016

Governor places                                                                      12

Headteacher                                                                             1

Staff                                                                                              1

Appointed by the London Borough of Lewisham      1

Elected parents of pupils attending the school         2

Co-opted                                                                                      7

 CHAIR OF GOVERNORS                                                     Ms E Browne

The Launcelot Governing Body meets five times a year and is concerned with overseeing the strategic direction of the school, ensuring good financial management and shaping the vision and values of the school.

The governing body operates two committees; Standards and Curriculum (Chair: Rebecca Scott) and Resources Committee (Chair Victoria Shaskan).   

Pupil Discipline Committee / Staff Discipline Committee / Staff Discipline Appeal Committee / Pay Appeal Committee / Complaints Committee

These committees meet as and when required, with a minimum of three eligible governors to be drawn from a pool of all members of the Governing Body in alphabetical rotation, subject to availability and lack of conflicts of interest and having regard to the need for the Committee to be balanced in terms of gender and ethnicity as far as possible.


Governors’ details (for each governor who has served at any point over the past 12 months)





Ms S Abdullah



14/10/2019 4 years until 14/10/2023 14/10/2023 Health & Safety Governor
Mr J Annoh



18/03/2022 4 years until 17/03/2026 N/A
Ms E Browne



18/03/2021 4 years until 17/03/2025 N/A Chair of Governors
Ms S Dickson Local Authority 14/07/2022 4 years until 13/07/2026 30/12/2023
Ms E Johnson



30/04/2020 4 years until 29/04/2024 N/A
Ms W Johnson



30/04/2020 4 years until 29/04/2024 N/A
Mr M Michelo



05/11/2020 4 years until 04/11/2024 01/11/2021
Ms D Mowle



4 years until


Ms M Osbaldeston



01/09/2015 N/A N/A Headteacher
Ms R Scott



18/03/2021 4 years until 17/03/2025 N/A

Chair of Standards and Curriculum Committee/

Vice Chair of Governors

Ms V Shaskan



17/03/2022 4 years until 16/03/2026 N/A

Safeguarding Link Governor/

Chair of Resources Committee

Mrs T Venables



14/09/2020 4 years until 13/09/2024 N/A
Mr J McInnis




4 years until


N/A Resources Committee
Ms K Mair

Parent/ Parents


4 years until 23/11/2027




Y = present, Ap = apologies sent and accepted, A = absent, N/A = not applicable

Governing Body

 Name 22/09/2022 17/11/2022 30/03/2023 08/06/2023 13/07/2023
Abdullah, S Y Y A Y Ap
Annoh, J Y Y Ap Y Y
Browne, E (Chair) Ap Y Y Y Y
Dickson, S Ap Ap Ap A Ap
Johnson, E Y Y Y Y Y
Johnson, W Ap Ap Ap Y Y
Mowle, D Ap Y Y A Y
Osbaldeston, M Y Y Y Y Y
Scott, R Y Ap Y Y Y
Shaskan, V Y Y Ap Y Y
Venables, T Y Y Y Y Y
McInnis, J Ap Ap Ap A A
Resources Committee 
Name 03/11/2022 02/02/2023 25/05/2023
Annoh, A Y Y Y
Browne, E Y Ap Y
Mowle, D Y Y Y
Osbaldeston, M Y Y Y
Shaskan, V (Chair) Ap Y Y
Johnson, W Y A A

 Standards & Curriculum Committee

Name 17/11/2022 23/03/2023 06/07/2023
Abdullah, Y Y Ap Y
Annoh, J Y Ap Ap
Browne, E Y Ap Y
Dickson, S Y Y Y
Johnson, E Y Ap Y
Osbaldeston, M Y Y Y
Scott, R (Chair) Y Y Y
Shaskan, V Ap Ap Y
Venables, T Y Y Y