Launcelot Primary School

Launcelot Road, Bromley, Kent, BR1 5EA

020 8697 2304

Aims and Values

At Launcelot we believe that all children have the potential to achieve. It is more than our job, but rather our duty to enable all children to discover their strengths and to overcome any barriers to their learning through hard work, determination and self-belief. We want to enable them to develop a resilience, which will help them to become lifelong learners.

Like the Knights of the Round Table we expect them to work together to achieve the common goal to be the very best that they can be at whatever they choose to do, through cooperation and teamwork, collaboration and partnership.

We see learning as a passport, which enables children to embark on exciting and profitable journeys throughout their lives, regardless of their backgrounds.

Our mission statement is quite simply:

Inspiration, Aspiration, Success

 Our Aims are that:

  • There is outstanding achievement for all.
  • Our children have a passion for learning and high aspirations for their future.
  • Our families are included in all aspects of the school regardless of gender, race, disability or sexual orientation.
  • Our families are effectively and actively engaged in the learning on offer at Launcelot school.



Values are central to school life at Launcelot. We say that values are the big ideas that help us to live our lives. As a school community we have selected 12 core values which you will see displayed around the school as well as on the exterior railing to the school. We focus on one value every month but use all the values consistently in our teaching and in our day-to-day interactions with the children. Our twelve values are: