Launcelot Primary School

Launcelot Road, Bromley, Kent, BR1 5EA

020 8697 2304

The School Day

Drop off & Pick Up 

We have put in place measures to ensure the safety of our school community.

We ask that pupils are dropped off or picked up on time.

Breakfast Club – 7:30am drop off. Please buzz for access via the gate at the main entrance to the school where you will be instructed to send you child(ren) to the next entrance.

Wraparound Care - 6:00pm latest pick up. Please buzz for children to be bought to you via the car park entrance 

Nursery – entrance will be via the Nursery Gate. Please support the social distancing guidance on school grounds when walking to and from Nursery.  

Standard Day 

Our gates open at 8:30am.

The bell rings at 8:40am.

Children then line up and come into school with their teachers.

Morning Nursery

  • 8:30am -  Gate/classrooms open
  • 11:30am – Morning Nursery ends

Afternoon Nursery

  • 12:30pm - Gate/classrooms open
  • 3:30pm – Afternoon Nursery ends

Reception – A typical day

  • 8:35am – Gate open
  • 8:40am – Classrooms open
  • 8:45am – Registration and learning begins

Children have a mix of carpet-sessions and free-flow / pupil focus sessions throughout the day.

Carpet sessions are where we will do some short bursts of whole class teaching such as phonics, shared writing or number and of course we always have story times!

In free-flow sessions children can access different areas of learning inside and outside taking opportunities to follow their interests, learn independently and develop their personal and social skills.

During free-flow sessions adults will also work with individuals and small groups, teaching new concepts and developing understanding through close observation and questioning.

  • 3:15pm – Home time 

Key Stage 1 – A typical day

  • 8:35am – Gate open
  • 8:40am – Classrooms open
  • 8:45am – Key Skills (eg: handwriting, spelling, number work)
  • 8:50am - Daily Supported Reading
  • 9:00am – English / Phonics
  • 10:15am –  Assembly
  • 10:30am – Playtime
  • 10:45am – Maths
  • 11:30am Wider Curriculum
  • 11:40am –  Lunch time (Reception 11:40am - 12:40pm, Year 1 11:50am - 12:50pm, Y2 12:00pm - 1:00pm)
  • 1:00pm – Wider Curriculum
  • 3:15pm– Home time 

Key Stage 2 – A typical day

  • 8:35am  – Gate open
  • 8:40am – Classrooms open
  • 8:45am – Key skills (eg: handwriting, spelling, number work)
  • 8:50am – Reading
  • 9:30am English
  • 10:15am – Assembly
  • 10:30am – Playtime
  • 10:45am – Maths
  • 11:45am  Wider Curriculum
  • 12:15pm – Lunchtime
  • 1:15pm – Wider Curriculum
  • 3.15pm – Home time 


Play is an extremely important part of the childhood experience. It also forms about 20% of the school day. As such, it is vital that children enjoy their play not only as a social time but also a time to promote physical, creative, cognitive and emotional development. Our playtimes are simply the best! Since January 2022, we have been working with OPAL (Outdoor Play and Learning) to improve the provision for children outside and increase the amount and range of physical activity. It has been hugely successful and our children will tell you how much they love their playtimes. We have seen that now our playtimes are so busy and active, children enjoy them more, have fewer arguments and behaviour all round is much better. You will find a summary of our Play Policy at the back of this pack. Happy playtimes make happy learners!